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  1. Is there a way to generate a Notification in PC monitor ( in the dashboard and mobile app ) when the locked mode is disabled ?? ( By detecting these keys are removed , or just give an notification to inform the lock pasword has been entered ) Thx
  2. I have been testing with the Event Log watcher notification for the logon of certain users and it does the trick indeed. :-) Thanks .
  3. First of all : great product ! It still needs some tweaking to become mature , But looking at the changes in the last months and the planned new features i'm really hoping to get rid off Kaseya very soon and replace it with PC Monitor . I've got a feature request : in our company It is common that external software consultants get access to servers for software updates of there products or changes in there software configuration. We do give these external consultants a separate admin account to logon. same case with junior system admins , they get a separate account. When things go wrong on a server often the sofware guys and the network admin guys point at each other to blame ... >>Now it is possible to give an notification when the server shuts down , when a user logs in and when software is installed or removed , but it would be great to see WHICH user did the shutdown command in the notification , and only get notification when CERTAIN users log in or install software. Because i dont need notification when our internal admins log in or change sometime , but i do need notification when an external consultant , or junior system engineer under supervision log on of change things. We could find this info in the server logs manually ,i known, but it would be mouch more efficient because when a server gets down , every second counts to find out what exactly happened . I'm also looking forward at the upcomming PowerShell support ! Keep up the good work.
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