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  1. It appears you would be correct! If I turn that off and restart the service it is only using 48mb. Turn on...back to 113mb. Interesting... Well that answers that...thanks!
  2. Lets see, the one currently at 114,168K usage has no plugins, no event log notifications, has IIS monitor, VMware monitor and SQL monitor all turned on
  3. I have a weird fluctuation of memory usage of PCMonitorsrv depending on the server. Nothing huge and I'm pretty sure it has to do with what all it is monitoring on said server. But right now my mem usage from PCmon ranges from 24MB on a server to 124MB on another. What is everyone reading mem usage wise? NOTE: Again, not an issue as the servers have tons of RAM...more curious
  4. I'm going to guess no because it freaked when I tried it but does the monitor support Win2K? My print server is old and virtual...plus it complains when I move it...thats my excuse for having a Win2K server still... Works great on Win2K8 and I love it...just was playing around with my last free lic before going to the bosses for money. Cheers
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