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  1. Oh ok then. 

    That’s pretty sad and for an Rmm that seems to push the whole automation thing, it’s not really automatic if I have to manually run a script when a certain notification is sent. 

    Will have to look at other rmm options. 

  2. Hi,

    Just started looking at the scripts in Pulseway.

    I can't see any way to make Pulseway automatically run a script when a certain notification or event happens.

    Is this possible?

    EG: a client can't get a static IP address on one of their internet connections so we use a dynamic DNS service.

    We have Pulseway set up to notify us when the public IP address changes on that connection, and then we have to jump onto that machine and manually run a script to update the dynamic DNS record with the new IP.

    Would like to have Pulseway do this automatically when the IP address changes.

    I know you can schedule a task to run it but it needs to happen as a soon as that notification is sent, not hours later.



  3. Hey, I'm trying to do my first installation of Mobile PC Monitor agent on a Server 2012 Essentials box. (Latest agent downloaded from the website today)

    The installation goes through to the end and PC Monitor opens up to the main screen where you enter in your account details etc.

    (The Installation window is still open in the background)

    As soon as that screen is up I can't do anything, can't click on any tabs/buttons etc and can't switch to other windows or programs, nothing will respond except Alt+Ctrl+Del.  From there I can open Task Manager and kill the PC Monitor window.

    However then the installation, that was waiting in the background, comes up with an error saying that the installation encountered an error and it rolls back and PC Monitor is removed.

    It doesn't however remove itself correctly and the service is still installed and the only way to remove that is by deleting it from the registry and restarting the server.

    I've tried a few times but this happens every time.

    Other programs have installed fine.


    What's going on?

  4. Hi,

    Is it possible to get notifications if a hyper-v vm has frozen or stopped responding or has even turned off/shutdown?

    I don't want to install pc monitor on each vm if at all possible so was hoping this may be possible on the host.


  5. Is it possible to set pc monitor to ignore certain updates or types of updates like 'recommended'?

    Reason being pretty much all machines that I do updates on list things like Bing, windows live etc and I have to uncheck them every time so they don't get installed.


  6. Hi,

    Is it possible to set any alerts/notifications, in the PC Monitor Dashboard, as read or ignore?

    We have a screen setup in the workshop and want to be able to quickly glance at the screen and know if there are any new problems.

    Just one example: Don't need the red bar across the bottom telling us that some machines have windows updates to be done as they will be done at a scheduled time.

    Deleting the notifications/alerts doesn't work as they just come back again after a few minutes.


  7. As a last ditch effort before restoring the older version, I uninstalled the app than did the device reboot, re-installed and now is working.

    Thanks for looking into, I have to say I use this app on a daily basis, to not only handle the three computers in my house, but to monitor all my other devices on my network.

    While I do not have the need for a full blown version, this app is essential for my home network.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Can you elaborate on what other devices and how you are monitoring them?

    Interested to know. :D

  8. I'm having something similar on my iPhone.

    I have push notifications turned on but they never appear on my iPhone.

    I've checked the settings for PC Monitor in the Notification Centre settings on the phone and they are all turned on as well.

    If I open PC Monitor on the iPhone I can see the notifications there, I'm just not getting prompted by the phone when they arrive.

    I'm running the latest version of PC Monitor - Installed last night

  9. Hi,

    Is it possible to have the PC Monitor app installed more than once on an iPhone?

    I want to keep my 3 free home computers seperate from our work paid licenses, so have two accounts setup, but I can only get notifications from one on the phone. (depending on which account is logged in inside the PC Monitor app)

    At the moment I have my home computers account set to send email notifications so it's not too much of a problem.



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