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  1. Think I found the issue, never ran into this before and you don't really get a message telling you this. But the free version of Pulseway is limited to 2 clients.
  2. I'm running into an issue with Pulseway on my new Hyper-V server. I'm running Pulseway on the Hyper-V host, this works excellent, then when I installed my first VM, both Windows 2019 Server, this worked great aswell. Both are reporting in the app and on the web interface. But then when I added a second VM and installed the Pulseway Agent, it wouldn't show up in the app. Now I installed a third VM, thinking it might be some windows bug, but i'm running into the same issue. The only thing I see in the app is a notification that reads: There was an error retrieving the notification. When i look at the Sites > Configuration > Sites > Group under the Systems tab, I see all the agents there. But they don't show up in the normal Systems tab. Anyone have any idea what could be going on?
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