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  1. Yeah the port is forwarded on the router and firewall.
  2. Strange thing is, I can lock or hibernate from outside of my local network, but I can't wake the computer up.
  3. I can do it from my iPad which is a bit strange. I am connected via ethernet.
  4. Yeah I've done that on both the Windows Firewall and the router one.
  5. Still have this issue, was hoping someone could help?
  6. Sorry to bump an old thread. I recently upgraded to the BT Hub 4 and have since been unable to wake up my computer from outside my house, everything is set as it should be so I'm convinced it's the router, I have tried everything in this topic so I'm at a loss.
  7. Thanks, all working now! Not sure why they stopped working though as both devices were still in the list, had to remove them and re-add them.
  8. Hi Marius, All the commands are there and I have tried disabling and re-enabling them all with no luck.
  9. Hi, I've been using PC Monitor a while now but recently I've been uanble to use comamnds (lock, restart, hibernate etc) when a certain computer is on. I can use the wake up feature and it will wake up but I'm unable to use any further commands after this. Any idea what could be causing it? Windows 7 iOS 6.0.1
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