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[Webinar] The Real Danger of Ransomware

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Jamie Taylor

Join us on August 4th for the upcoming cybersecurity webinar where we will discuss the danger imposed by ransomware and how to protest your business and users. 
During the webinar we will discuss: 
  • The extent of the current Ransomware problem 
  • How Ransomware works 
  • How Ransomware gets into your network 
  • How damaging Ransomware can be for your business 
  • Best practices approaches and policies you can deploy to protect yourself against Ransomware 
  • What products can be used to help you manage this 
  • How to deal with the aftermath of a Ransomware attack

Save your seat here: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3312018/4364C268A869F33D875FB7DB9AF95E15?partnerref=forum

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