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Old events being reported as new


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PC Monitor agent 2.5 beta 5

I have an Event Log monitor that notifies me if it finds an Application event from source "Backup" of level "Error". There are a few in the log, the last occuring 30 Sep 2011. However, PC Monitor has sent me 3-4 Notifications AFTER that last event.

The latest bogus notification was at 2:07AM this morning, and I realized from the Notification details that it was actually reporting an Event that occured 6 Sep 2011; currently, the first such event in the log.

I did not record which Events the prior Notifications were reporting, but I do know there were no Events coincident with the Notifications.

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We added an extra check in PC Monitor for this kind of scenario and it will be available in the next release.

The event watcher should be fired only when new events are written in the event log and not for the old ones. If this case does occur PC Monitor will compare the current system time with the event generated time. If there's a bigger of 5 minutes or more the event will be ignored.

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