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Hi, I have some questions


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I would like to know, if it is possible to make a master of the agent, I explain to me to install manually instead of using the import of setting and going to look for the file .pcmcfg I would like that the installer is directly configured, so that we do not need to go to look for the file of conf. 

Is it possible to change the configuration of the agent after installing it on the machine, remotely?

Is it possible to change the agent configuration via a mass reconfiguration? In order to avoid a mass uninstallation and a mass redeployment.

Thanks for your help, Sincerely Dimitri

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You can create "policies" in the Web UI and then push them to all installed clients, hence changing your "configuration".  Most things are available in the Web UI.  Only very specific subset of things are only configurable on the Manager itself, so you can most likely accomplish what you need from the Web UI, for all your questions. 

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