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Windows 11 / Kaspersky issues


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With the release of Windows 11 in early October, i need to start testing out if eveything will smooth for eventually a migration towards W11 in the coming months. Currently, when i add a system on W11 with a Kaspersky licence, the device sometimes BSOD, you can't open task manager (explorer.exe reloads), etc, etc. Basically, the system becomes unusable. If i remove Kaspersky, everything is fine. 

Is there a plan to update to another Kaspersky version before the official W11 launch? (if it even exists)

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Hello @stiadmin, 

There are no plans to upgrade the version of Kaspersky in Pulseway and we are just about to announce the desupport of Kaspersky. 

In addition to the Pulseway version of Kaspersky causing issues with Windows 11, we have also discovered that the newer versions of Kaspersky are incompatible with the Pulseway architecture. As a result, we have made the decision to no longer support Kaspersky. We will be contacting all affected customers in the coming days.
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