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Redirected Folders


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In this system, (all Win 6.1) we redirect ALL possible folders, including Start Menu. It appears that the PC Monitor Start Menu shortcut is machine specific. When I launch PC Monitor from the shortcut on any machine other than the one on which the shortcut was originally installed, I get this error:

[Window Title]

Problem with Shortcut


The parameter is incorrect.


I suspect the same problem will occur if you DON'T redirect folders but DO use roaming profiles...but I haven't tested that.

Probably the best and easiest fix: Install the shortcut to the All Users Start Menu.

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The app is fine. I can launch it from the .exe or create a non-MSI shortcut to it and run that. The MSI shortcut is the problem.

I just realized that now that I'm installing by GPSI Computer Configuration, I won't have that problem, any more...the shortcut will be placed in All Users. So there's another workaround!

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