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Overclocking Monitor - Voltages, Temps, Ram Speed/Latency/Utlization - GPU Voltage, Temp, Fan Speed(s), Ram Speed and Utilization

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Hi there - forgive me if this has been discussed.  I used the search function and didnt come across anything.

I actually came to this software by way of overclocking my personal PC.  I am also an IT manager and after tinkering with the free home license, I can definitely see the advantages to having this software setup on my business network.  Props to Pulseway for a very cool piece of software!

Question:  Since I am currently using the free, home version and for my personal PC, my intentions are to get overclocking-based monitoring of my system reported to my iPhone.  I can run this kind of monitoring software on the PC itself, but that takes PC resources as well as alt-tabbing... Pulseway doesnt!

I am assuming if I up the CPU usage on my PC, it should update to the phone faster, as that is the only drawback I can see now - however:

Is there a way to add voltage monitoring, such as VCore, DDR, SystemAgent, etc?  I would also like the same for my ram, the more info the better (including main and sub-timings, voltage, frequency, and ultilization.)  Finally for my GPU -  Clock speed, Memory Clock, GPU Temp, Fan Speed(s), Memory Used, Controller Load, Board Power Draw, Chip Draw, PCIe Slot Voltage, GPU Voltage and % of Power consumption.


It would be like taking everything reported in HWMonitor and sending it to iPhone for monitoring.  Obviously it would need to be configurable.

I noticed a Linus video on your home-page, so I have to assume this is either already working, or been discussed many times!  :)


Any info, links to files or instructions, or advice would surely be welcomed.  Thanks!  I look forward to getting this going on the business end as well!  

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