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Asset Information: Request for MORE Info


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Please can the following additional criteria be added to the Asset Info Checks/Results: (Pre-requisite for Custom Reporting :)


1. Motherboard:

a) SMBIOS AssetTag

b) Total/Free Memory Slots


2. Memory

a) Make, Module, Capacity. DeviceLocator


2. Network Interface Cards:

a) Manufacturer and Model Number

b) MAC Address

c) Last known internal ip

d) Link Speed

e) Magic Packet Enabled


 3. GPU

a) Manufacturer and Model Nr

b) Current Resolution

c) Current RefreshRate


4. USB

a) USB Ports Present/Disabled

b) USB Bus Speed capabilities


5. Drives

a) HDD or SSD

b) Make, Model, Capacity


6. Optical Drive

a) Present / None

b) Make and Model Nr







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