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pcmonitor: double free or corruption (!free) 0xblah.... - debian squeeze vps (linux-vserver)

Stephen James

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I'm having issues with pcmonitor on and older vps running Debian squeeze. I've found that running it through valgrind keeps it stable. (No "SOAP" errors or "pcmonitor: double free or corruption (!free) 0x-blah..." errors)

For eg:

valgrind pcmonitord -v

Optionally dumping output to /dev/null:

valgrind pcmonitord -v > /dev/null &

Im unsure why it continues to run through valgrind happily while it wont run solo, but it its been running for about an hour through valgrind with no issues.

Install valgrind on Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get install valgrind

If someone out there is having the same issue, and doesnt mind a hack-job rig, maybe this can help.

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I'm going to give this a try. See my post here:


My server is "dedicated" hardware, but I am able to install OS remotely myself via their management GUI. So I'm guessing its like a VPS in some regard.

My server is the KS1


Think it's related?

I'll post back results in a day or so.


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