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  1. I agree with Forcys, this should be available as part of the standard report and maybe even something  that can become actionable. It's too easy to see Windows 10 Pro and think everything is ok. Seeing Windows 10 Pro 1607 would be more important since it is no longer supported by MS.

  2. Does anyone know if Pulseway can get UPS data from APCUPSD? http://www.apcupsd.org/ I have a bunch of USB connected APC UPS units I monitor with APCUPSD in both Linux and Windows. Primarily, they are APC SMC1500 2u units. No network monitoring available. If not, I'll stick this in as a feature request.

  3. I've got a bunch of x8 and x9 series SuperMicro motherboards that Pulseway doesn't monitor the hardware on. Fans, temps, power, etc Both the SuperDoctor 3 and SuperDoctor 5 utilities detect the hardware as well as HWInfo. How can I get these monitored? Baring that, how can I get SNMP setup to check the local host to monitor the output from SuperDoctor 5?

  4. I'm having all sorts of issues trying to get SNMP monitoring to work. I can't get anything from our LSI 9271 RAID controllers, WatchGuard Firewalls, Dell Switches, APCUPSd, or SuperDoctor. I tried following the example for the RAID monitoring setup but get nowhere. A big question I have is should I have Windows SNMP both installed and should I have it configured? Are people using a different SNMP service besides Microsoft for SNMP v3? Does Discover not work is the devices are not SNMP v1 and set for public? Why no MIB import tool?


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