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  1. On 4/5/2017 at 12:11 AM, andy0609 said:

    I use this when I am onboarding a new client. Computers have been there and most people don't know/have their own admin password


    Thanks for this. I can see it coming in handy. I'll definitely be bookmarking this page. 


    1 hour ago, David said:

    So long as the front-end admin platforms are protected by MFA, I would argue that 2-Step Authentication (email passphrase) for Pulseway is sufficient.

    Sorry if I'm understanding you incorrectly, but are you implying that MFA is already available? The only option I see is SAML SSO and AuthAnvil. And I refuse to pay $1000 for AuthAnvil. No idea why anyone would ever consider paying for a service that is freely available from DuoSecurity, Google, and many other providers. 

  3. Pretty sure I've found countless posts about this on the forums with it being on the "roadmap for release" in the "next 3-6 months" from posts since about 2016. Which disappoints me because it makes me feel like the development team isn't meeting their own deadlines and goals for releasing features - this is a huge reason why I'm trying to find a replacement for my current RMM. I like Pulseway so far. But true 2-factor security is a must with having remote access to client systems.

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