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  1. Hi,

    i do own a small buisness and we are using Pulseway to monitor all our client computers and servers. But there are so much potential in monitoring and we are not using it. I would normaly dig in and find all the solutions to our requests myself - but time is very limited with the daily work and i quite get used to hire experts insted of "try and error" all the way to solutions myself.

    What we want:

    - A Report where all Windows Versions Numbers are listed (to see if there all up to date, eg. Version 1709 Build 162.99.192)
    - A Report to find specific software and corresponding numbers (eg. find old java/flash/adobe versions, eg, find specific software on all clients)
    - A Report / Script to test all clients against Meltdown/Spectre and report whitch computer is fine, which is not.

    We do have like 150 Clients corrently monitored, so a report should have a great overview :-).
    Drop me a message if you think you are up for the task.


    @ Team Pulseway: If that is not possible at all let me know

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