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  1. On 13/02/2016 at 1:57 PM, Chris said:


    We are working on introducing this feature as part of the Remote Desktop module. Would you like to transfer files between your mobile device (or webapp) or between monitored systems?

    PS: You do know that you can send files from a system to your Inbox, right?


    Imagine i'm on vacation, i need to get files from my desktop and i only have acess there by phone, well if i need to send it from far away i will certainly use your app to do so (if it was possible). I haven't tried to run a file through the command prompt, but if that is the only way to reach the content of a file, i would say you're app has a huge flaw, and i would suggest for you to work on it, of course you'd need to think about all the security behind it, but you would get a huge advantage in the process!

    Congrats by your work until now.

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