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  1. Hello. I no longer need to monitor the 6 systems I was monitoring.

    I've deleted them from the Web app's Account / Manage Systems section, is that all I need to do?

    The subscription is valid until June 2022, can I get a refund for the time not used?


  2. Is device warranty info available within Pulseway???

    Warranty info is available within apps such as Lansweeper and Spiceworks Inventory.

    If it is available, can you please tell me where to access it.




  3. Is there are a way I can receive alerts on my Android phone for the Critical Notifications category only when a server is offline, shutting down or uncontactable?

    Currently I receive Critical Notifications for Windows Updates, which I don't think are really worth being woken up during the night for.


  4. I have Do Not Disturb enabled on my phone up until 6am. 

    This morning I logged in and found a number of machines had been down for a few hours.

    Is there any way Pulseway can be configured to alert more than when it initially discovers a machine is offline? For example, if Pulseway can be setup to check an offline host every 15, 30, 60 minutes etc, then I would have been alerted much sooner.



  5. I've been monitoring a few test systems during my evaluation. How can I remove these systems from being monitored? If I uninstall the Manager app, I can't manage my other systems anymore.

    Or in other words, how do I stop monitoring a machine?

  6. I sometimes work behind an auth proxy.

    Sometimes I forget to select the proxy option in Remote Desktop before I attempt to log in. Next time I try and log in, after setting the proxy settings, it never logs in. I start task manager and kill the pulseway processes, but it makes no difference. The error is the 407 proxy requires authentication error.

    Curiously, if I start the Dashboard, it works fine.

  7. I'm trialling Pulseway and everything is working beautifully except for the Exchange Server option on Android.

    I'm wanting to monitor a single 2010 server. I'm using version 4.8 of the app. The app sits there Loading available Tasks, Roles & Servers but eventually bombs out saying Data not Available.

  8. Hello. I'm just trying out the product, which looks quite good.

    I'm receiving alerts quite late. For example, I shutdown my laptop the other night and it took more than 30 minutes for the alert to arrive, which isn't much use.

    I'm still in the trial mode and I'm hoping that's why these alerts aren't arriving much sooner.

  9. Hello. I'm just trying out the product, which looks quite good. I have a few questions.

    Is it possible to set a timeframe for when you don't accept alerts, for example, Not to receive alerts in the middle of the night?

    Is it possible to manually trigger a check of a monitored system?

    How often are monitored systems checked?

    Is it possible to change a monitored system's settings without having to log into the system, for example, is it possible to change the settings of a monitored system from the pulseway.com dashboard?

    Thanks for any help.

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