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  1. Often times we will install a new application during production hours that will warrant a restart post-production. Right now, we place calendar reminders to restart. It would be much better / easier to schedule restarts from inside the application post-production. 

  2. I am trying to make a default list of all critical event logs that we should monitor and looking for suggestions


    I have started with





    Event ID: 1121

    Monitors SP failed backup


    Agreed MPM needs to provide some default suggestions or prepackaged event ID monitoring suggestions. 

  3. Most RMM provide some form of generic or generalized event ID monitoring packages / suggestions. I think it would be helpful for MPM to develop some base packages to show of what can be monitored through the event log. Many people do not understand how to properly monitor the event log and MPM could highlight their pre-configured alert packages based upon Windows Server Event IDs. 


    You could have different alert packages for SQL, Exchange, AD, Security, Hardware, etc. 

  4. This is great news. I do have a few questions though. 


    I see the ability to enable ZenDesk but I believe we need more tweaking for alert status thresholds. 


    For example, under Notifications > Status there is no way to set alert elevation level. I have no idea if these are critical, elevated or low. For us, something like computer offline is critical and needs to be able to be delineated as such. Things like starting up and shutting down are low priority. I believe we need the ability to change these alert levels. 


    Same goes with Notifications > Performance > if processor usage is above 90% I want to be able to set alert level to critical but may only want to set alert level for memory to elevated. 


    This also goes for just about everything like locked accounts or Windows Server Backups which we would want to be critical...



  5. Hello,


    You do realize that without actually posting the full script i can't help you at all. On that link you provided I can only see how to configure the script to send emails.


    I need to know how it reads data from OMSA log in order to give you an answer on how you can get that kind of monitoring inside PC Monitor.


    If you can, PM me with the full script and I will do my best to help you.




    Sure thing I will PM you a copy of the script now. 

  6. I am new to PC Monitor, Love it.

    I would also like to see a difference between icons for Servers, Workstations (PC's) and Laptops.

    This would help out a lot.


    Also being able to add a group to a group.  Example it I have a customer as a group XYZ Company, and within that group be abel to have a server and workstation group.


    Agreed this is something that is really inhibiting for us. We need the ability to segregate under each group between servers and workstations. A subgroup would be incredibly helpful. 

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