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  1. Hi - I think the Dashboard is a really important tool for alerting and giving visual assurance, but it's a bit limited when you have a number of monitored systems or groups as the dashboard quickly ends up with multiple screens, meaning some machines aren't visible? I can't quite imagine how this would work well with 50 or more monitored machines as so much information would not be visible? If you've got a single machine in a group/category...it takes up an entire row on the dashboard, with a huge amount of wasted space to the right of the machine icon...it would be great if the dashboard could be more like "tiles" than "rows", with monitored systems shown as a 1x1 tile or a 2x2 tile or 1x3 etc. I think the tiles should have headers/titles and a border/background, perhaps with an option to choose the colours? Another option would be to allow me to choose my own icon display sort order, or even manually choose the locations for the icons? Or how about an option to at least rotate through the screens on a timed basis? Also, any chance we can choose what notifications are in the ticker bar...and what notifications apply to different machines? For example, I want to be alerted when a monitored server is offline, but I'm not bothered about a laptop? It would also be nice if there could choose a visual difference between servers and desktops/laptops...perhaps something as simple as a square icon for servers, although obviously something more sophisticated would be even better! I hope that's useful feedback...really love the product, so thanks for the hard work
  2. +1 for this feature. Personally, I can't really think of any systems that I would want to remotely monitor that I wouldn't also want to be able to remote control, so for me they go hand in hand...at the moment I have to install two agents on every monitored system, which is less neat, more work/maintenance etc From a marketing perspective, I think it could be enabled as a feature at additional (low value!!) cost for those that want it? Also, as I suspect this feature would actually require something like a VPN to be established to handle the RDP session, what about building in VPN features a la NeoRouter? This then opens up the full gamut of remote management/monitoring tools to satisfy people's personal tastes. I appreciate this could be considered bloated though and moving away from the core vision!
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