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  1. Hi, Is it possible to execute / run .msi files via the web or iphone app? I have a new machine with PC Monitor installed and now I need remote access to the machine. We use ScreenConnect and I have the .msi installer file on the remote PC but now need it to run to install it. This is a remote PC with no one at the site to run the installer fo rme. Is this possible? Thanks Chris
  2. Yes. I can shut down, restart, log off users etc without a problem. And I just tested again and Maintenance Mode is working now! What did you do??
  3. Hi Marius, Yes all the agents are Windows, a mix of SBS2011, SBS2008, SBS2003, XP Pro & WIn7 Home. They are all running the latest 2.9.3
  4. I can't seem to get this to work on any of the machines I monitor. Is there something I have to do to allow it to be enabled? I have tried putting machines into Maintenance Mode from the iPhone app, PC Monitor Dashboard and the web app but it does nothing other than say that the maintenance enabled message has been sent (or something like that.) And then how do I turn Maintenance Mode of again? Does the menu option change?
  5. Awesome thanks! GOing to make a purchase as soon as I can find my credit card
  6. Just a quick question about this, do the 3 free licenses become premium ones and get to monitor / control the extra features? Or do they stay as free features only?
  7. I must be blind/stupid but how do you purchase to begin with? I can't see anywhere on the website to buy and also can't see anywhere in the PC software.Edit: Never mind found it!  Seems a bit silly that I have to log in to one of the remotely managed PC's (i.e. one of my customers machines) to purchase this software.Wouldn't it make more sense to have the subsription/purchase option in the PC Dashboard that I have on my own computer?
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