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PING via app not equal to real ping


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excellent application, must say and we'll purchase it definitelly!


One of the bugs I noticed is that PING sensor within application on Ubuntu 10.04 linux is much different from ping, issued via console.

For example, PCmonitor reports ping alarm, because it it over 24 ms...

....but at the same time I was pinging the same target via console, getting latency times from 0,8 to 1,2 ms, not more.


I assume PCmonitor ping uses some internal mechanism to ping, but it probably does some job at the same time, so it skips some replies. Or not.

But the fact is, that (at least on Linux, tested on 2 different linux boxes) reported pings are not real.

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PCMonitor uses the ping command to determine latency times, but it only sends one package. If it displays a value of 24 that means that at some time the command ping <your address> returned a value of 24. But, the fact that you are getting a notification means that the threshold is constantly exceeded during x configured minutes.


I am not sure why you are seeing this large gaps between PC Monitor and console. Could a firewall limit the number of requests per second maybe ? Are you running PCMonitor as root ? If not are there any limitations applied to that user  ? 

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Hey Calin and others,

I am experiencing a similar problem. I am pinging the routers of our customers to see if the networks are reachable. After setting it up I got 23 critical errors, basically each router. I checked the ping from that particular server via cmd, but all (except 3) seemed fine. There is something strange going on here and I would like to know what...

I'd like to hear from you soon.

- Jaapyse

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