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Pulseway, WTF???

Rick Bestany

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Pulseway, what the *****? Over the last two weeks I have had to re-install half of the agents on my network, because the client stopped working. I have servers telling me that they have pending reboots, and after I reboot them, Pulseway still says they have pending reboots. I have servers telling me that servers require updates, but the actual system says that no updates are needed.

I’m paying for this *****???? Guys, maybe stop adding so many new features, and make sure your core functions work.


And please don’t have a salesperson try to call me. One more month of this ***** and I will be cancelling.



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Hi Rick, 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'm really sorry that you have had to experience these issues with Pulseway. It looks like these were caused by issues with our current US data center provider. Because of these issues, we have just started the process of moving customers away to a more robust, reliable and performant data center to deliver a better and more stable service to our customers. Refer to this post regarding the Server Migration

If you like, we have a slot for migration this Friday and we could 100% include you in this migration slot, however the cutoff time to be included is 11:00am EST today. We know this is quite last minute so there is another migration slot available next Tuesday the 19th and we can include you in that slot if that suits better. The migrations will take place between 4:00am to 6:00am EST so that users wont be affected. 

Let me know what your preference is and if these issue ever persist please let me know and I will help where I can. Again we apologies for the inconvenience caused and if you have any more questions please feel free to reach out.


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