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Dashboard suggestions


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  1. Having a tray icon AND a taskbar icon is redundant. MUCH prefer a tray icon.
  2. I've added Dashboard to my Startup group to run minimized. Preference would be to have an option to launch on logon AS A TRAY ICON.
  3. Tray icon (get the theme here?<g>) should post a balloon as new notifications arrive.
  4. Tray icon should flash (or something) when a new notification comes in, and keep flashing until I've seen and dismissed it (not necessarily deleted it).
  5. Minor, and if it never changed it would be OK with me. But that stock traffic light icon has been around for at least 15 years!
  6. A desktop Gadget that summarizes system status and scrolls notifications would be cool.

Great product; looking forward to all the new functionality you're adding.

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