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Storage policy notification does not follow the set policy

Martti Nuudi

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I have configured and applied default storage notification policy to all my Windows workstations that is set to send a notification when the system partition has less than 5% with priority elevated.

But all the notifications I get about storage say: The free space on disk drive C: on computer computername in group groupname - Office - Workstations' is below 15% (ex. 16.24 GB free of 118.18 GB).

How can I make the applied policy to respect the right percentage specified in the group policy?

Do policy.thumb.PNG.3b97280de7d8cf40cc5b27663b1a6b75.PNG



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Hi @Martti Nuudi,

Welcome to the Pulseway community. It's possible that the agent in discussion already has a storage notification configured locally to alert when the available disk space is bellow 15%. If you would like to disable any locally configured storage notification checks you can do so from the Policy by checking the checkbox that says "Disable locally configured storage notifications".


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