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Ad-hoc reports: trouble with grouping

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Hi all,

We've just moved to Pulseway so I've tasked a junior with filling out all the Warranty info.
To that end I added a custom field: "Warranty Date: Explanation if none" for machines where there was no warranty info - e.g. a virtual machine or where the service tag was simply not recognised by the vendor website.

I then created an ad-hoc report to track his progress. I've used quite a few report builders and think I've got my head round this one but something has me really stumped: either I'm missing a bug in my grouping formula OR the grouping is screwed.

Before you ask - "Why are you using nested ifs for the grouping?", I would like to say that I did use a switch, saw the effect I am about to describe, then tried a nested if and can see the same thing

The grouping statement should only have 3 outcomes: "Got info", "Not needed" and "No info".
The right hand columns are my workings to try and see why I see the problem.
The problem is shown below the report screen grab below


The "No info" group appears twice:


Both in the pie chart and in the table below (which i can't repeat because it contains client info).
To add insult to injury the numbers in the two "No info" groups change randomly.

I ran this 30 seconds later:



If someone could please help it would be much appreciated.

I had great confidence in the product and was very excited to see such a nice report builder, but am concerned to hit a roadblock so quickly.






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I can't see all the info for the report, so it is hard to tell.  Can I suggest you check your sort and filter settings.

I had some of the same issues in graphs, what you are graphing, make sure you have as your primary sort. By the last image, I am guessing you are sorting by "Client" first so you might be seeing how many "No info" you have per client in your graph.???

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the ideas Gary.

  • This isn't by client, it's to monitor the junior entering the warranty info to see how he's doing.
  • I show filters and sorts below, they seem ok
  • I have attached the wr file if you had time to try it on your assets. Hey - maybe we could even share reports to help each other!!



No filters:




Only sorts are the one to do the grouping, and a further one to order by warranty expiration date (removing it actually makes the problem worse!)



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Sorry, just got back to the Forums here now, did not see your .wr file till now.  I will try it later and let you know what I think.


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Tried to import your report, but there are a few places it is looking for a field that does not exist in my database.  Just wondering if you maybe created some custom fields. Looks like warranty.date type of field.??

If you want help, you can contact me at gary@lions.com and I will see what I can do to help.

All the best.


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