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  • Mobile apps UI refresh (est. Q1 2020)released.
  • 3rd Party Patching custom titles support (est. Q1 2020)released.
  • Pulseway Launch Remote Control from the Web App (est. Q4 2020) released.
  • Pulseway Automation Workflows (est. Q1 2020)released.
  • Central Tag Management (est. Q3 2020)released.
  • In-Product Ticketing, Web App and mobile apps (est. Q3 2020)released.
  • Automation script input and output variables (est. Q3 2020)released.
  • Remote Control for macOS (est. Q3 2020)released.
  • Advanced Network Monitoring  (est. Q3 2020) - released.
  • Web Dashboards (est. Q4 2020) released.
  • 131 new 3rd Party Patching titles (throughout 2020)released.
  • Remote Control from macOS systems (est. Q1 2021) - released.
  • Dashboard Widgets for the Android app (est. Q1 2021) - released.
  • Siri shortcuts (est. Q1 2021) - released.
  • PSA integration update (est. Q2 2021) - released.
  • Client Portal (service desk and self remediation) (est. Q2 2021) - released.
  • Web Dashboards public link (est. Q1 2021) - released.
  • MSP Service Desk Dashboard (interact with customers through live chat, remediation tools like run script) (est. Q3 2021) - released.
  • Bitdefender integration (est. Q3 2021) - released.


  • Standalone Agent Policies (est. Q4 2021) - in development.
  • 2FA security enhancements (est. Q4 2021) - in development.
  • Network Monitoring SNMP templates, Cisco configuration backup and workflows support (est. Q1 2022)
  • Web Dashboards new widgets (est. Q1 2022)
  • Cloud monitoring and management (monitor and manage public cloud assets in AWS / Windows Azure) (est. Q2 2022)
  • OS and 3rd Party Patch management for macOS (est. Q2 2022)
  • Microsoft Teams integration (est. Q2 2022)
  • Microsoft Intune integration (est. Q2 2022)
  • Password Vault (est. Q4 2021)
  • Application performance monitoring (deep monitoring for IIS and SQL Server performance) (est. Q3 2022)
  • Single sign-on (est. Q4 2022)

You can also keep up with the latest release news on pulseway.com/new and you can suggest features over here.

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2021 September update
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