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  • 75 new 3rd Party Patching titles (throughout 2021) - released. 
  • Remote Control from macOS systems (Q1 2021) - released. 
  • Dashboard Widgets for the Android app (Q1 2021) - released. 
  • Siri shortcuts (Q1 2021) - released. 
  • PSA integration update (Q2 2021) - released. 
  • Client Portal (service desk and self remediation) (Q2 2021) - released. 
  • Web Dashboards public link (Q1 2021) - released. 
  • MSP Service Desk Dashboard (interact with customers through live chat, remediation tools like run script) (Q3 2021) - released. 
  • Bitdefender integration (Q3 2021) - released. 
  • 2FA security control enhancements & IP White-listing (Q4 2021) - released.
  • Remote Control Credentials Injection (est. Q2 2022) - released with 8.11.
    • Remotely login into monitored Windows Agents through the Pulseway ecosystem without disclosing credentials to people in front of the computer. This feature enables use of password managers for easy insertion of credentials into the authentication dialog
  • Remote Control Disable – End-User Control (est. Q2 2022) - released with 8.11.
    • Within an endpoint policy, you can now also enable the option for end-users to disable remote control on their system from within the system tray context menu.
  • IT Glue Integration / Password & Document Management (est. Q2 2022) - released with 8.11.
    • Seamlessly work with IT Glue documentation and passwords directly within Pulseway Web and Mobile Applications.
  • Centralized Agent Policies (est. Q2 2022) -released with 8.11.2. 
    • Part of a continued effort to provide policy-based centralized management of Agent Settings for greater control and compliance of Agent configurations.
  • macOS Script Support (est. Q2 2022) - released with 8.11.2.
    • Introducing Bash scripting for macOS Agents, including support for Tasks and Automation Workflows.



  • Network Monitoring Enhancements – Discovery, Topology, SNMP Profiles (est. Q2 2022) - in development.
    • Improved technical device discovery and fingerprinting, including the ability to create SNMP Profiles (aka Templates) for easy re-application of monitoring based on device criteria.
  • Enhanced Custom Fields – Org, Site, Group (est. Q2 2022) - in testing. 
    • In addition to devices, Custom Fields will now be available for use with Organizations, Sites, and Groups, including the ability to manage them using Automation.
  • Enhanced Audit Collection (est. Q3 2022) - in testing.
    • Improvements to the Audit process with collection of additional, modern device audit details.
  • Autotask PSA Integration (est. Q3 2022) - complete - pending release.  
    • As the first stage of integration, tickets will be able to be automatically created from Pulseway notifications and associated with the appropriate PSA Company and Queue.
  • Remote Control Native RDP Support (est. Q3 2022) - in development. 
    • Optionally use the native Microsoft RDP client for a secure Remote Control session, which has the added benefit of leveraging many of the native RDP features.
  • Remote Control macOS Client: Chat, Copy/Paste File Transfer (est. Q3 2022) - in development. 
    • Improvements to the Mac Remote Control client and agent to enable Chat and File Transfer features.
  • Ad-hoc 3pp Install (est. Q3 2022) - in testing. 
    • Enhancements to an Agent’s System Details page will provide the ability to work directly with Third-party Patching functionality by allowing quick deployment of applications as well as the management of an Agent’s association with a Patch Policy.
  • OS and 3rd Party Patch management for macOS (est. Q4 2022) 
    • As part of our continued cross-platform improvements, we will be working to bring OS and third-party patching capabilities to macOS Agents.
  • Single sign-on (est. Q4 2022)
    • Authenticate with 3rd party providers (such as Google or Microsoft) through the SAML 2.0 protocol. 
  • Task Execution for Offline Systems (est. Q4 2022)
    • Ability to have tasks skipped or queued on assigned devices which are offline at the time of scheduled task execution.
  • Cloud Backup Appliance Integration (est. Q4 2022)
    • Ability to work with Unitrends Appliance Backup protection from within Pulseway. 
  • End-User Productivity Backup Solution Integration (est. Q4 2022) 
    • Ability to work with Spanning backup protection for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
  • Remote Control: New System Details Component (est. Q4 2022) 
    • Ability to access all System Details and supported actions from Remote Control sessions and integrated products.
  • Autotask PSA 2-way Integration (est. Q4 2022) 
    • Improvements will include bi-directional notification / ticket changes to ensure a change in one platform is reflected in the other, which will expand the potential of automation. 
  • ConnectWise PSA 2-way Integration (est. Q4 2022) 
    • Improvements will include bi-directional notification / ticket changes to ensure a change in one platform is reflected in the other, which will expand the potential of automation. 
  • Microsoft Teams integration (est. Q4 2022) 
    • Ability to configure Pulseway notifications to automatically send notifications to Teams.
  • Microsoft Intune integration (est. Q4 2022) 
    • Expanding on our powerful Discovery engine to detect and optionally enroll and/or deploy agents to devices found within Intune. 


You can also keep up with the latest release news on pulseway.com/new and you can suggest features over here.

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2022 June update
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