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Missing harddrive


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I have two Linux servers, one running Jessie, the other running DietPi.  The Jessie is running on a RPi 3 with external 2TB HDD connected by USB2, the Pulseway client is installed working and monitors the drive just fine, alerts when getting too low and everything.  The DietPi is running on an Odroid-XU4 board, is monitoring services with Pulseway just fine, but now I have added a 6TB external HDD to the USB3 port.  I am able to get to the drive just fine, and put files on it.  But I cannot monitor the drive through Pulseway.  The config file is virtually identical with the RPi, with the obvious differences in name and services monitored.  


            <Hdd Percentage="25" Path="/" Priority="0" Enabled="false"/>
            <Hdd Percentage="30" Path="/boot" Priority="1" Enabled="false"/>
            <Hdd Percentage="90" Path="/mnt/usb_1" Priority="1" Enabled="true"/>


Above is the HDD section of the DietPi box, the "/mnt/usb_1" section should be for the external drive but it is monitoring an internal system drive.

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