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Paid Webcam/Screen Suddenly not working properly on Lenovo Laptop


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Hey guys, i'm having an issue or 2 with a laptop i'm administrating in a Nursing home

its a Lenovo ThinkPad X131e (3369) I3 4GB and 500GB hdd (80%free)



The webcam will only take one shot and then will stop responding to commands, on the PC client it will work fine the 1st shot after a reboot. If you then attempt another shot a few hours latter it thinks about it for less then 5 seconds then displays Data Not Available. on the Android client (Samsung S3) it takes 2 or 3 seconds then just black, don't have an iOS device

It has always been like this, since setup 4 weeks ago...

On my personal laptop this feature works great.



This has always worked fine on this device, then 3 days ago this just stopped working. There have been no windows updates done.

When on the PC client i click screen it instantly says "No screens found". On the Android client it says loading screens for about 3 secs then No screens found

I've done a restart to see if it would fix and no luck, anything else i can do remote?

I understand that this is normal if no one is logged on, but this occurs when user is logged in and operating with programs open.

Intel HD graphics adapter



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, i suspect that the driver stops responding on the webcam, but i am at a loss to explain the screen... 

if it is the driver, using powershell and terminal, how would i restart the driver (or maybe service)?


Also i discovered that if you restart the PC Monitor service the computer will not come back on line until the next reboot? any reason for that? i presume there is a client dependent on the service that stops responding with out it? maybe? if that's the case, can the entire program and service be restarted remotely (this was found when trying to identify the issue with the webcam)


Thanks again for your time and brains,


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  • Administrators

Hi Scotty,


On the Webcam issue could you please enable the diagnostic logging in the PC Monitor Manager app and then contact us for more details?

As for the screen, please launch the PC Monitor Manager on that computer - it will start the user process again - that process was stopped as we issued an update. It starts automatically after a user login but I suspect there's was no login since.


Hope this helps.


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Thanks Marius for the VERY fast reply!


I cannot access the laptop in person until late next week, is this able to be done remotely?


also, the Screens is working again, so i have to say that after several days of playing around, i remotely restarted it for like the 15th time, and just as suddenly it stopped it has started again, working fine atm... sorry for the muck around.

however definitely the webcam is still the issue as described above 

the webcam driver file is windows\system32\drivers\VM331AVS.sys 


Thanks again,


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  • Administrators

Thank you Scotty,


Once you have access to that laptop please contact us, we will investigate the webcam issue further by enabling the diagnostic logging on that system.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Marius, 

Screen is still fine, I have updated the webcam drivers and that seemed to fix it, but after the laptop went to sleep and then resumed from sleep webcam was again not responding.

Diagnostic logging is now on, the Agent is PB




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