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Eney plans to make a Freebsd version?

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Also +1 on freebsd version.

Will do beta tests, mail me!

Even take part in alpha phase, with more involvement.

In addition, as FreeBSD acts mostly as server, it's nice to implement such things into freeBSD PC Monitor version:

- one important: external visibility of whole server services to the world;

- open/closed ports test (user specified port list): that useful for admin so he didn't occasionally close 80 or 22 port, for example, or vice versa, didn't open ports such as 3306 or 25 (again, for example). Then send CRITICAL (or as specified) alert to user's iPhone (or other PC Monitor client device);

- HTTP-error uri load test: your servers check user specified uri for that his server and get on iPhone critical roar about "not available" 500/403/etc error;

- server's load averages, free disk space and logged in users notifications, etc.

P.S. now I have perl script on my iPad (yep, root perl, i.e. through cydia) which running in background and curl-ing my server's page and checking in its content LA and other parameters, also HTTP-errors, so I know how is my server doing anytime and get buzzed by my iPhone anytime, but it's complicated to manage and of course need jailbroken device, so it's only as a toy :(.

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Welcome to Pulseway community!


We do plan on adding support for BSD on a future Linux agent release. In Q4 2014 we've added support for Slackware and Arch Linux distributions and we plan to expand the list even more in Q1 2015.


Thanks for the heads up.




Pulseway Support

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9 years and counting...

I'm interested in this for integration with FreeNAS specifically. So while FreeBSD integration would be nice, a FreeNAS plugin to achieve the same goal of monitoring with Pulseway would be equally as good.

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