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Create Zendesk tickets with PC Monitor

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You can use PC Monitor to create a ticket on Zendesk for each notification that meets your priority criteria. To setup Zendesk forwarding you need to configure it in the agents using PC Monitor Manager or PC Monitor Dashboard or a PC Monitor Group Policy.

To get started open up PC Monitor Manager navigate to the Settings tab and select Zendesk. Fill in the following configuration fields:


  • Subdomain: The subdomain assigned to your account. It's the name you type before zendesk.com (Example: If the console url would be: mobilepcmonitor.zendesk.com the subdomain is: mobilepcmonitor).
  • Email: Email address you use to login to Zendesk console.
  • Authentication Type: Select Password if you wish to quickly get Zendesk forwarding or go to Zendesk Console, select the settings icon (the icon that looks like a gear), search for the Channels sections and select API. Inside the API page you will find various settings among the API Token which looks like this: "oSkscK3b0wWKlDHKElF07hiiTBHYXJZNBFNN42qE". Copy and paste the API token in the API Token field (if you can't see API Token field make sure "Use API Token" is marked).


  • From Name: Name of the ticket requester (Usually customer / company name).
  • From Email: Email of the ticket requester. All ticket updates will be sent to this address.
  • Notification Filter: You can select which notification priorities will be sent to Zendesk (Critical, Elevated, Normal or Low).

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