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  1. Hey Pulseway, I think there was another topic about this, but I can't find it any more, but is it possible to make notifications disappear (archive) automatically when the problem that caused them is gone? E.g.: A ping is missing for a little while and then comes back (2 notifications), a system is too hot and cools down (1 notification), a disk too full (2 notifications), memory usage peeks (we get this all the time), a network loses network connection for five minutes (many many notifications if it happens). The result of these problems is that we get spammed full of notifications every night when really only a small part of that is relevant to the well-being of our customers' systems. Can notifications automatically be archived so we just view the relevant stuff? There's archiving and syslog anyways! - Jaapyse
  2. For example we do get notifications on the dashboard about windows updates.. when i remove it.. couple of minute later it comes back again.. We do windows updates once every x-time so i want to be able to postpone an alert for x-period. Also for example a lesser issue.. which will be handled later that day.. in the evening for example (expand disks or something) I want to be able to postpone it for couple of hours.. so that only the really important notifications come through
  3. It would be a really good feature if the client could check public blacklists such as spamhaus periodically and throw a warning if its public IP is listed on one of them The ability to specify multiple public IP's (and hostnames) to check from each server would be good too. The ability to flag a general, warning or critical notification depending which block list the IP/host is found in would be a tidy way of doing it. Thanks!
  4. Now we get notification of everything. Our users want to be able to select (for example) just the critical and elevated notifications on the mobile app and windows 10 app. Should not be that hard to code..
  5. It would be nice to be able to specify GB or MB when monitoring for free diskspace or free memory. Because now.. for example.. when i have a system with 16GB of memory and use the 10% setting i would get an alert when there is still 1600MB of free space.. which is more then enough. Same for Harddisks.. a 500GB harddisk would still have 50GB free with 10% and 25GB free with 5% I would just like to set a treshold on 2GB freespace.. for all systems.. for example..
  6. It would be nice to instead of only delete a notification also be able to archive a notification for later analases.. or comparison to notifications that come on other times..
  7. Next to Goto System, I would like to see Goto Services which takes you straight to the services of the system.
  8. Now it only states vcenter alarms.. or is this a typo?
  9. Now we have to set it manually per system. With the new reports.. you just want that data!
  10. In the local version of services i can see automatic etc.. and do a right click to select and monitor running or automatic services. With the manage systems option.. none of them are here.
  11. I want the columns to react as in the real windows services manager. When i click it it will auto sort all the same values togheter.. So that all the services with automatic are set togheter for example.. and so are easily selectable.
  12. Please add feature here to monitor if file has NOT changed in x hours.. or x days etc.. This way i could monitor if a process is hanging that should update the file every x hours.. This can even be an backup tasks of a random backup solutions
  13. At this moment I have to specify username and password and URL to connect... At this moment i use the admin account for this. Whenever i decide to change the password everything will break! Other solutions just specify a unique code to connect and don't have anything to do with username and password..
  14. Now we can fill in one ESX(i) server or a vcenter server. But when someone has no vcenter.. and two seperate ESX(i) servers they have to use two seperate managers to monitor them
  15. For example i have 500 monitored systems and want to collect historical data or change the group name or add / change tags. i then have to dive in every system to change or add the settings. Come on people! Its 2016!! In 5.0 release this should be added!
  16. It would really be nice for when you are at the system level.. i can just select a script (let say cleanup Temp Files) to just run quickly on this system.
  17. When i search there.. i Want to be able to do a "Search as you type" on Groups, Tags, System Name, Logged on Users (usernames or part of usernames).
  18. Now.. i can see if updates need to be installed and give the install command. What about automating this.. or even scheduling this.. even better... When its a vmware environment.. schedule windows update install. But first automatically create snapshots of all systems and then install the windows updates. Afterwards .. sent a notification that the maintenance is done.. we can then check if the updates did not break anything.. and with a simple one click remove all the created snapshots and maintenance would be done.
  19. No more explaination needed.. now only to 2013 is supported
  20. Now the tool is mostly based on getting some basic notifications.. and is very strong at doing stuf from the mobile.. But i really am missing some piecharts and graphs with historical data of everything that can be monitored like.. CPU trends Memory Trends Disk usage Trends Mail Queue Trends SQL deadlock trends.. just to name a few.. you catch my drift..
  21. This is a very cool and very much the same (in pricing) solution as you guys.. Saw you already had Zendesk integration etc.. LiveAgent should really also be added.
  22. Add options to use certain Third Party Remote Control instead of your builtin Solution
  23. Add support to check signature and other warnings of all the common Antivirus products. Vipre Bitdefender Kaspersky etc...
  24. Please enhance the graphs that are generated in the applications. For instance, the network graph does not even specify the time scale at the bottom (See image attached). It should also have the ability to scale the graph to look at different time ranges. Also it would be nice to be able to see a graph of things like the performance counters. We are loving just about everything about PulseWay at our company, the biggest wish here though is to be able to see historical information over time in graphs for the various monitored metrics. This is a pretty standard feature of every other monitoring product on the market, please bring it to PulseWay! Thanks, Ryan Waldron Senior Systems Engineer Intelity Hospitality Solutions
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