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  1. Hi, This would be a quick way of doing it, as an example: I'll edit the article asap with a better explanation when I can. Thank you for pointing this out, I appreciate your comment on this matter!
  2. Cleanmgr needs UI to run, so as a workaround you can use SysInternal's PsExec as part of the disk cleaning process and by using PsExec with its '-si' arguments, you'll be able to perform your script through Pulseway. Without being able to spawn the UI, the cleanmgr process will hang thus leaving the Pulseway script execution running indefinitely.
  3. Hey Brayden, The feature you're looking for is natively supported in Pulseway. For Windows, you'll find the solution described here: https://intercom.help/pulseway/en/articles/1514531-how-to-enable-ping-notifications For Linux tho, there's no GUI available; therefore, you'll need to look into the config file, which is also natively supporting this function. The agent configuration is at /etc/pulseway/config.xml , the relevant part is shown on the screenshot attached. I also noticed you've posted in the scripting forums, are you looking to check ping response times through a sc
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